Make remarkable a reality at ERIKS

At ERIKS, everything we do equates, on some level, to something remarkable.

Our work is bursting from the frame. And the driving force behind our solutions? Our people.

From helping companies cut their CO2 emissions, to keeping global food manufacturers moving at pace, our people are proud to partner with our customers to make a real difference.

It's the inner workings of making industry work better. You might see just valves or O-rings but to us, they're so much more than that. We turn them into solutions that help our customers power the world. Whatever your role here, you play an important part in making exceptional things happen every day by bringing your hard work, commitment, and accountability

If you're passionate about solving complex customer challenges, then ERIKS is the right place for you. Because here, everyone has the chance to make remarkable a reality.

How we make remarkable a reality

woman in a white laboratory coat

Passionate about shaping tomorrow

ERIKS works relentlessly to shape a better tomorrow for our customers,  partners, colleagues, and the global community! We have passionate specialists who apply their in-depth knowledge, know-how, and hunger for impact to build future-proof solutions.

A young man stands in the center of a warehouse, intently working as he scans products with a digital scanner. He is surrounded by shelves filled with various items, highlighting the busy and organized environment of the warehouse. The focus on the young man and his task illustrates the important role of technology in inventory management and the day-to-day operations within such settings.

Dedicated to continuous learning

At ERIKS, you hold the reins to your future. We have plenty of learning and growth opportunities for you to discover and leverage, backed by a supportive community to make it happen. 

Three men are seated closely together in front of a laptop, engaged in a lively discussion about the content displayed on the screen. Their expressions range from smiles to looks of keen interest, suggesting a positive and collaborative atmosphere. The shared focus on the laptop screen indicates they are likely working on a project or solving a problem together.

Proud of our specialism

ERIKS is known for its specialism. Our employees are experts in their field and take great pride in the work that they do. We acknowledge the dedication and hard work required to achieve excellence and understand the importance of sharing our expertise to elevate each other. 

Two hands are prominently displayed in the foreground, firmly holding a large gasket, symbolizing precision and strength. In the blurred background, an industrial area unfolds, marked by machinery and the structured chaos of a manufacturing environment.

Enjoy supporting customers

ERIKS places a high value on customer-centric behaviours, ensuring customers feel understood and unburdened. We are known as trusted partners and specialists. We nurture an environment where exceeding customer expectations brings joy, consistently delivering well-thought solutions that address needs and challenges with precision – in every moment that matters.

Backing Our Unique Expertise

An image captures a cheerful moment where a man and a woman are seated at a large table, deeply engaged in a discussion about a mechanical product placed before them. Both individuals are smiling, indicating a positive and collaborative conversation. In the background, a television screen is visible, adding a modern, technological element to the setting. This scene highlights teamwork, innovation, and the exchange of ideas in a professional environment.

Leadership and Development

Over the past 80 years, we have built up incredible expertise, and behind this are our remarkable people. From the warehouse floor, to the sales desk, our team of experts are delivering products and services that have a remarkable impact on our everyday lives. 

Investing in Your Potential

If you're passionate about technology and eager to solve our customers' problems, we'll invest in your potential. Our training and development programmes, coupled with guidance from highly-skilled specialists, are designed to make you a leader in your field. You'll work on agile, project-based streams, and have direct access to field experts, making sure you're equipped with sustainable expertise and ready to tackle anything the future has to offer. 

A middle-aged man is concentrated on his work in a factory setting, actively engaged in engineering a product with the assistance of an innovative machine. He is dressed in work attire, which includes protective glasses, emphasizing the importance of safety in this environment. The image conveys a sense of expertise and dedication, as the man applies his skills to operate the machinery, showcasing the blend of human craftsmanship and modern technology in manufacturing.

Working Life at ERIKS

Two young men, both wearing blue ERIKS vests, share a moment of camaraderie and collaboration in a warehouse setting. They are smiling and talking, deeply engaged in working on a project together. The background is adorned with an assortment of metal pipes and various types of hoses, adding a layer of industrial ambiance to the scene. This image vividly captures the spirit of teamwork and the hands-on approach to work within the context of an organized, well-stocked warehouse environment.


By joining ERIKS, you’ll be part of something remarkable. And that means more than just the work you’ll be doing. It's the great people you’ll work with, the support you’ll receive from your colleagues, and the trust and accountability you’ll get, that is at the core of everything we do here at ERIKS. We’re hardworking and humble, staying focused on how we’ll fix and learn from our mistakes. 

Whether it’s development opportunities built around you and your career goals, or the opportunity to be part of something much bigger than the team you’ll join, it’s all here for you at ERIKS.

So, what are you waiting for? We can’t do it without you!

Culture of inclusion

At ERIKS, we're keen on building a team that's as varied and inclusive as the world around us. We understand that a team with different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, beliefs, ages, abilities, and sexual orientations, helps us connect better with our customers and leads to more creative and innovative ideas, something we’re very passionate about.

We create an environment where everyone feels included. It's about breaking down biases and making sure every team member has the chance to grow, succeed, and be part of something remarkable. We're committed to creating a respectful and engaging workplace, where everyone's thoughts, ideas, and contributions are valued.

An image that celebrates diversity and inclusion in the workplace, showcasing a young woman with dreadlocks and tattoos, actively engaged in operating a high-tech machine in a factory setting. She is equipped with gloves and protective glasses, prioritizing safety while demonstrating her expertise. Dressed in a blue ERIKS jersey, her presence in this environment challenges traditional stereotypes and highlights the importance of embracing individuality and talent in all forms. The photograph captures a moment of skilled work, underlining the value of diversity and inclusion within the industry.
An image portrays two professionals, a man and a woman, both dressed in white laboratory coats and wearing protective glasses, deeply engaged in examining and discussing a metal component. They stand in a well-equipped laboratory, surrounded by various scientific instruments and equipment, emphasizing the precision and technical expertise required in their work. This setting reflects a collaborative research and development atmosphere, where innovation and meticulous attention to detail are paramount.

Reward & Recognition  

At ERIKS, being recognised for your hard work is just as important as doing it. That’s why we prioritise fairly and openly rewarding a job well done. We work hard, delivering great work for our customers, but always enjoy the process. 

Here, we’re flexible to your needs, building a culture of trust and accountability. Keeping an open door, allows us to be honest with each other, creating a level of support that’s unlike anywhere else. 

Building a better tomorrow, together

An image captures a young woman in the midst of meal preparation, surrounded by an array of fresh ingredients on the countertop of a modern home kitchen. Her focus and care in handling the food items reflect a passion for cooking and a commitment to healthy living.


At ERIKS, sustainability is a core part of everything we do. This means embedding sustainable practices in all our operations – from the way we share knowledge to the solutions we create. It’s about making a positive impact every day, whether through big initiatives or small, everyday actions.

An image depicts a man and a woman collaboratively working on an advanced machine within the bustling environment of a warehouse. Both individuals are actively engaged, perhaps adjusting settings, analyzing data on a monitor, or performing maintenance, showcasing their teamwork and technical proficiency.


We believe that creative thinking and sustainability go hand in hand. We're always on the lookout for new ideas – big or small – because we know that every innovation, no matter its size, helps us move forward.

An image vividly captures a hand holding a smartphone, which displays detailed information about a specific machine. In the background, the very machine in question is visible, complete with a QR code that, when scanned, provides these details. This scene encapsulates the convergence of digital technology with physical machinery, illustrating how information technology enhances our interaction with and understanding of industrial equipment.


As we evolve, digitalisation is playing a key role in the world of industrial services. We're not just adapting to change; we're leading it. Whether that's through the large volumes of data we process and analyse everyday, or the digital tools we’re constantly developing to revolutionise how we work. By embracing digital technologies, we're not only enhancing our efficiency but also opening up new opportunities to innovate and grow. Are you ready to join us?